Nordic Light Masters Diving Competition

Hello fellow divers!

Welcome to the land of eternal sunshine (in the summer that is),
welcome to Sweden’s beautiful capital Stockholm and most of all;

Welcome to Nordic Light Masters Diving Competition!

The competition will be held 4-5 of July 2009 at Eriksdalsbadet where the very successful 2005 European Masters was held.

So save the dates 4-5 of July in your calendar right now!

Events in the competition:

1m springboard
3m springboard
(According to FINA rules, but with 10 year intervals)

1m springboard
3m springboard

And on the not so serious side: Quadrupel Synchro!
Yes, you read it right; this is arguably the first Masters competition in the world, ever, to host a Quadrupel Synchro event!

For this event you will dive 4 persons synchronised on our four 1 m springboards.

Please pass this e-mail along to all your fellow Masters divers.

A more detailed invitation will be sent in the next couple of weeks.

Reply to this e-mail and you’ll automatically receive the invitation and other information about the competition.

Hope to see you in beautiful Stockholm in July and good luck on your preparations for the Nordic Light Masters Diving Competition!

/The Masters divers of Stockholmspolisens IF, Sweden

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