Did Sweden win the 2008 Dublin Masters Open?

Sure, England won the Eblana Trophy and Romuald Borgo and Beth Ackroyd won the ”Best Master” award with three straight gold medals, but surely Sweden must have won the ”highest medal to participant ratio”? 🙂 With only eight competitors Sweden won four gold medals and two silver medals, leaving us with a ”gold to diver ratio” of a very respectable 0,5.


When we come to think of it, perhaps France beat us in this ”event” as well? Maybe so, but at least Sweden won the ”oldest diver” award when Bengt Nordenbrand, 72 years young, won a gold medal on the 1 meter springboard. Impressive!

Thanks Ireland for a very nice event. It was great to be out on an international competition again and to see Martha from France, Bryan, Richard, Amanda and Beth from England and everybody else. This time we didn’t see the kind of spectacular dives we saw at Hatfield last year, like Jerry Lefebvres crazy dives (see link below). But we did see some excellent diving. It was also great to see how some divers ”adapted” when they discovered that they entered the wrong dives in the dive sheet. Like Brian Corcorans reverse somersault, that he really, really did want to do in tuck position, but eventually did in pike. Cool.

Equally cool was when Jenny from Sweden on Sunday morning discovered that she was on the starting list for the 3 meter springboard competition, which came as a complete surprise to her, since she practically haven’t tried the 3m springboard at all. An hour later, she had learned (but not mastered :-)) the required six dives, amongst them the quite difficult inward 1,5 somersault. She managed to score points on all her dives.

There are just a (very) few things that we missed during the event. We ”forgot” (or didn’t have the energy) to visit the water park section of the National Aquatic Centre and we never got around to seeing Bryan Ditchburns inward dive in straight position with a twist (he did promise to show us, you know)…

We have a very nice diving pool here in Stockholm and we hope to be able to arrange a Masters competition here in the future. If so, we hope it will be as well arranged as the Dublin Masters Open, and that everybody that came to Dublin, will come to visit us in Sweden.

Hope to see you all in some other international event in the not too distant future.


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